“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” ― Marilyn Monroe

A woman’s work is never done – and who would want it to be? Us modern day women like to live in the fast lane; the career, the kids, sparkling social life, romance – we come from a ‘we want it all’ culture and possibly without realising it, we enjoy and thrive upon the busyness of our lives. Sometimes though, it can all get a little bit overwhelming and that feeling of not being able to have it all and do it all can set in, especially when living on a budget.

We’re not saying that we have it all, but we certainly aim to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and along the way, we’ve found a lifestyle and a way of doing things in a simpler fashion that work for us. And there are certainly ways and means of living life to the full, especially if you cheat a little!

So ladies, here is your one stop shop to a thriving lifestyle for the modern day woman! So whether you’re after simple, but fabulous recipes, health and fitness advice, style and beauty ideas , or even where to go on a Saturday night with the girls, then you will find it right here, on How to Live in High Heels.

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